I have presented programs and workshops for children through the Connecticut Writing Project at the University of Connecticut, and at numerous schools and libraries.

Presentations can be tailored to upper elementary, middle school, or high school students. Please allow 50 minutes or one class period for each presentation, including Q&A. I can schedule up to four presentations in one day.

To find out about dates, fees, or anything else you don't see here, please e-mail me.

Writing Workshop: The Dictionary Game

  1. Using five randomly selected words from the dictionary, we will begin a story that has all its basic elements:   

  2. setting

  3. character

  4. plot

  5. story problem

  6. backstory

  7. We will define and explore those story elements, so we can learn how and why they make a story irresistible (and prove that students can write their own irresistible stories, with or without a really fat dictionary).

Writing Workshop: Five Revision Tricks That Any Kid Can Do

  1. In this writing exercise, students will learn five simple but effective revision techniques that will make their writing stronger. Working with an existing first draft, students will see immediate results, thus proving the value of the revision process, and making students more confident writers.

  2. The exercise can be implemented with students in grades 3–8; individually, in small groups, or as an entire class. Please allow one class period.

Getting the Facts Straight (Even When You're Making Things Up)

  1. Research is required to write any book, even a novel. From train schedules and the cost of a train ticket to the flora and fauna of the Alps, I discuss the kinds of research I did for my own novels, and how facts can make fiction come to life.

How an Idea Becomes a Book

  1. Using samples from my books, I show the stages in creating a book, from rough draft to revisions to finished book. I talk briefly about research techniques and how students can use them in their own projects.

Every Life Tells a Story

  1. An in-depth exploration of researching and writing a biography, using Sacagawea as an example. We discuss how to choose the best sources, and what to do if sources provide conflicting information. We talk about how to find interesting information that brings the past to life, and how to use creative writing techniques to add spark to the story.


Stacy DeKeyser
books for young readers

“Stacy’s program was terrific. She kept her audience in rapt attention, and judging by the multitude of hands waving in the air at the program’s end, she also sparked quite a few imaginations. Stacy is a friendly, knowledgeable speaker and I would heartily recommend her.”

  1. —Marla Martin
       Woodbury Public Library, CT


“Your presentation fit our writing and reading studies perfectly. I was so pleased to see this meaningful connection! I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of students and faculty of ULS. Please come back anytime.”

  1. —Adriana Hollenbeck,

  2.    University Lake School, Hartland, WI

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A book can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness. 
—Madeleine L'Engle

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A book can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness. 
—Madeleine L'Engle
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