Sample Presentations:

  1. Full Revelations of a Professional Storyteller, After Ten Years’ Experience

  2. (One Writer’s Journey from Idea to Publication)


  4. How one story idea percolated for ten years, and finally came to life with the help of a 700-year-old legend and the advice of a 19th-century rat catcher.

  1. Point of View in Fiction

  1. In this workshop we’ll demonstrate how point of view (POV) is more than just writing “I” or “he/she.” We'll try our hand at writing one scene from three different points of view: in first person; in third person “close” viewpoint, and in third person omniscient viewpoint.  We’ll learn how POV affects narrative style, focus, and emotion in fiction.

  1. Voice in Young Adult Fiction

  1. “Voice” is the writer's personality on the page. We’ll compare published examples of distinct voices in literature, and then try exercises that help each writer unlock his or her own unique writing personality.

  1. What a Copyeditor Does (and Why Even Good Spellers Need One)

  1. Copyeditors attend to the nitty-gritty details of your book to make it perfect. They examine spelling and punctuation, but also read for consistency, correctness, "house style," and perfection in book design. Learn the nuts and bolts of what these behind-the-scenes editors do, what to expect when your book goes into production, and how to decide when it's OK to break the rules, from someone who's been on both sides of the red pencil.

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Stacy has been a featured presenter at writer’s conferences, at the University of Connecticut, and at the Connecticut Writing Project. If you are interested in having Stacy speak at your event, please e-mail her for details about programs and scheduling.

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It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works.
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