Reader mail

Dear Will,

Thank you for writing to me and telling me how much you’re enjoying The Rhino in Right Field! You might think that authors get lots of letters from readers, and maybe that’s true for really famous authors, but most of us get only a few here and there–especially real, handwritten, “snail-mail” letters. Those are the best kind. We never throw those away. We carefully tuck them away in a folder or a box, to open and read on a day when we need cheering up.

I’m so glad you like the book, and that you are eager to find out how it ends. And I’m glad you love to read. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. The truth is, people don’t usually bother to go out of their way to tell another person something nice. But you did, and that’s why I’ll keep your letter in a safe place forever. Please keep reading, and keep spreading kindness. The world needs that right now.